Online Reputation Management

In our aggressive and competitive market, it is necessary not only to be visible in the online market but also to safeguard against negative publicity and marketing. It is human nature to be first attracted towards negative feeds, before reading through the positive posts, judgments are made based on what is read, hence the importance of Online Reputation Management also known as Negative Suppression Services. Being in the public forum at all times will have its own responsibility. You have to ensure that you are projected in the right way all times. We are here to guide you, to maintain an image. Basically it is a tool that controls what is seen when your name or your organization or an individual who related to the company is seared in the usually used search engines.

Digital Spidy provides services to immediately track and help in eliminating or reducing the damage caused by negative postings in the internet, related to your brand or company or important individuals related to your company. To remove a post is difficult but it is not an impossible task and we use a mixture of techniques to ensure that the negative postsare eclipsed.These techniques range from Search Engine optimization, legal action or social media strategies. By utilizing positive search engine optimization to the fullest, we can be sure that the first results seen would be positive and we will push the unwanted, irrelevant or negative material farther down in the search results.

We are here to safeguard you and your identity through positive optimization and minimizing negative publicity. You can be assured of information confidentiality and safety when dealing with Digital Spidy. We are here not merely for the name but for our trustworthy services.

The first and foremost important step towards managing the situation is to know the problem, the extent of negative effect of the problem. We will help you categorize the problem as negative, irrelevant or even realize the actual problem is yours but is directed towards you. We help you be objective and understand the risks, then work towards mitigating it.